Monica Duong-Coronado, was born in Oakland, California and currently resides in the San Francisco, Bay Area. She is half Guatemalan and half Chinese, self taught visual artist/entrepreneur. She once owned her own gallery  "Mama de Luna Art Gallery”, and has now focused on working full time as an artist.  

Working primarily with acrylics and oils, Monica has developed her own style, with use of bright colors and story telling themes. Her work is always growing, and her process is made “in the moment”; “every painting is a different process. Every piece is made with many intentions. None of my painting are ever really the same, so its very hard to explain exactly what my style is”.  Her most popular pieces are her portrayals of celebrities,  that she creates with a twist of abstract backgrounds or with acrylic pouring. Black and white portraits are one of her favorite styles to paint in, with tons of colors surrounding the subject. She creates pieces to invite the viewers to experience their own feelings, and self-awareness. Being an entrepreneur, Monica has also created her own clothing brand “Art Saves All”, or “ASA”, as a mission to spread the world of art and supporting local artists. Monica’s artwork has been featured in various art shows, group art exhibitions in the Bay Area, retail stores, restaurants and online galleries. She is influenced by Frida Kahlo, Charmaine Olivia, Leilani Joy and Gustavo Rimada. 

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